Public relations

I began my PR career building a reputation on my college campus for the Army ROTC program and continued that throughout my career. I've been pitching since I was an intern and throughout my time in the industry have experienced different styles of it from evergreen to carefully constructed initiatives. I've worked on a whole spectrum of different clients including finance, consumer tech, health and wellness, food and beverage, lifestyle and sports. This spread of different areas has given me insight into various different brand categories and how the media perceives them. I've grown to create and foster crucial media contacts that have helped me secured coverage and helped them write a story their readers enjoy.

social media

My first taste of social media came during my internship when I wrote copy for Friskies (specifically Grumpy Cat) and her "Terrible Twos Birthday." Fast-forward to my first full-time position I was writing social media copy for not only clients but for the agency as a whole, helping me curate thoughtful and colorful content to capture the essence of my agency. I've held positions as a Community Manager and worked with brands on how to broaden their reach with organic and paid content strategies. Not only have I helped brands increase organic engagement numbers to reflect successful ROI, but help them find their true identity on social media with real strategies and real ideas. 



In a world where the game is always changing, more brands are learning the value of SEO. Optimizing websites and social content is a simple concept to grasp, but the information that follows is what scares people. What I strive to do with each brand I work with that shows interest in SEO services is to simply talk through the "scary stuff" with them to help improve the visibility and quality of the content the put out for the world to see. 

influencer integration

As we look at the state of earned media and social media, we see the rise of influencer integration in our brand strategies. While working with Capital One and Van Heusen, I worked alongside the rest of our team to help research, present and conduct outreach to numerous verticals of social influencers. Throughout my career I have worked with fashion, beauty, fitness, foodie, finance and lifestyle influencers in order to amplify brand content in the voice of an authentic influencer and create successful brand campaigns and influencer networks for clients.