This morning I read an article from Elite Daily talking about why Mondays will forever suck - in most cases I can sympathize but I think forever is a little harsh. There are definitely some good things about Monday that don't suggest imminent doom is upon you for the rest of the week. Monday is merely a bump in the road that will eventually smooth over - there's no need to truly fear Mondays and here's why:

New Week = New Possibilities

Maybe last week was not your week. For me it was a little rough I know. I sent out some great pitches and got minimal bites and with Halloween on Friday and deadlines that needed to be completed, getting feedback from writers who were busy getting their costumes ready was definitely difficult but guess what sunshine? You have a whole new week to look forward to! It's time to kick ass and take names, and that starts with knowing you have a fresh slate of 5 whole days ahead of you.

You Get To See Your Work Friends

You spend majority of your time with them and on the weekends some of us don't get to see them (I know with my commute into the city, I hardly see them) but Monday has arrived and now you can catch each other up over lunch at your favorite spot on all the fun things you did this weekend (or not so fun - it's all relative). Your work pals also are great to sympathize with on trials and tribulations you face at work. When I tell my friends I got an awesome piece of coverage in a top magazine, they have 0 clue what I mean and ask when they'll see my name in it (FYI, you won't..).

The Anticipation Is The Best Part of Reward

The countdown begins for Friday on Monday - everyone knows that. Everyone also knows that the best part of getting something you want is the chase and anticipation - whether in a relationship or a goal, knowing that you get a step closer each day is the best part of enjoying the liberation of a sweet reward! 

How do you beat the Monday Blues?