It's pretty crazy to see how much Snapchat has grown in the past few years (months even) from a troublesome social platform, to the hub of all the interaction you really need. I remember when it first came out it was an app where people could send dirty pictures to each other and they wouldn't be saved - until snapshot came along.

Shortly after, the drawing feature was added and we could now play a real-life version of "Draw Something" including ridiculous funny faces. Then it was video clips, then geotags and now we have full-blown "stories" that allows us to snap our entire day and even submit it to a local story to be shared with the world. Of course brands needed a piece of the action, so they bought spots on Snapchat for users to read their daily news and interact with their fun activities. Crazy how far one app has come huh? 

Why do we love it so much though and why has is grown so much so fast? What started as a vain excuse to send friends your selfies is now a news platform. Are you as curious as I am? Here are my biggest observations:

Everyone Gets A Chance To Be Famous

So now that I took my snap of my morning walk to work (complete with the "Manhattan" geotag), I want all of my friends to see how 'glamous' my life is and maybe even see if it makes the New York City Snapchat story (alas, I have yet to see my snap on one....). With the ability to submit your snap for people from one of the world's largest cities to see isn't an everyday opportunity. Who doesn't want to view their story and say "hey that's mine!" 

The News Comes Alive

Instead of opening  up the News app on your phone or scrolling through CNN, chances are if there's a major movement or event happening around you, you can see it on a Snapchat story. Millennial don't want to spend their time reading articles that are 6 pages long with no visual stimulation, instead they would rather open Snapchat and click on the story that best pertains to them. If you had to choose between reading about the Ferrari event or watching it, which would you rather do? Which brings me to my next point...

You're Behind The Scenes At Your Convenience

More celebrities are endorsing the use of Snapchat to share a backstage pass to their lives of luxury. We get to see Kylie Jenner hanging out with her dogs at home, and Alessia Cara getting ready to take the stage at the Tidal Event in Brooklyn. This added sneak peek into the lives of your idols is exciting because it makes you feel like you're really part of the whole experience.

Brands Can Reach You Directly

No only are sponsored snaps a thing, but brands have also made their own accounts so you can follow them. The one thing I have noticed particularly about this is that brands as big as The Huffington Post and Sephora have adopted the goofy demeanor of their audience. Writers from The Huffington Post not only give you the inside scoop at big reveals on the fashion side, but health writers can take you through their favorite recipes IRL (pretty cool hanging out with editors right?). Even with geotags brands are all over your snaps. McDonald's has been celebrating their "All Day Breakfast" launch with geotags at their locations - hardcore branding!

Why do you think Snapchat's popularity has grown?