Many of you have probably heard about the recent stint with Starbucks and their popular red cups being "anti-Chistmas," and whether or not that was their intention - that's now what they have labeled themselves as. But in all honesty, do we think this was a PR stunt or a media misfire? While many companies have pulled off great stunts, some have managed to fire back in their face - much like this one. So what would my unsolicited advice for Starbucks be?

Keep Your Social Media Team On Standby

Since social media is the new customer service, naturally people will take to platforms like Facebook and Twitter to voice their anger and distraught with the new cup craze. There's sure to be plenty of #angrytweets to keep your newsfeed busy so having your social media community managers ready to answer their concerns is the best thing you can do to defend your platforms.

Keep Your Messaging Concise

One of the big issues was that when Starbucks released their new red cups, they didn't specify the reason why they left them blank. Starbucks sticks to their claim that the point of the minimalist design wasn't to offend or be politically correct, but to allow coffee enthusiasts to draw on the cups and create their own story like they've always done with the plain white cups. Had this been more clearly announced at the beginning of the release, the masses would have received it better.

Keep The Spirit Alive

While many accuse the company of skipping out on Christmas, why not incorporate a little bit of each holiday into their seasonal celebration? By mixing it all together, Starbucks will be able to stay politically correct and keep that added bit of magic. 

Unfortunately Starbucks has already managed to dig themselves into a hole so deep who knows if they can get out? How would you help Starbucks handle this PR Crisis?