Everyone has had a difficult break-up whether it was with a close friend, or significant other - but it has happened. I recently just experienced my hardest one to date - leaving my first full-time job.

I received a call from an agency I had my sights set on for a long time (try over a year) and when I got the call saying they had a place for me, I was faced with the difficult decision of deciding whether or not to take it. Of course I weighed all of my options like anyone would - How are the benefits? What's the rate of career progression? What kind of clients will I be working on? What are the people who work there like? - there was a lot to consider and I was trying to be diplomatic about it - after all, I really loved my job.

My boss treated me like family and I wasn't sure what it would be like to transition back to a larger agency, so naturally I was nervous. After much deliberation though, I decided this was a good move for me. It was hard going to my boss and telling her I would be taking a new position, but she was understanding and supportive of doing what was right for me like any good boss would. I felt a little guilty saying I was leaving, but at the same time its important to remember that if I were under-performing, they would have no problem replacing me. 

How To Deal With The Situation

I felt like I handled it the right way though - I was completely transparent. I flat out told my boss exactly who reached out to me, what they offered me and why I felt it was good for me to take the position. That's all I could do, and that's what I would expect from my future employees. The only way to handle awkward situations like this is to be 100% honest and I feel that I was able to do that and leave on good terms. 

Why Was This So Hard?

It was hard leaving because lotus823 wasn't just a job - it was the first step on the road to my career in PR. They're the first agency that reached out and gave me a chance to learn and grow and I will always appreciate that. In the amount of time I was at lotus823, I was able to discover what I wanted to do in the PR industry and why it was important that when the opportunity came along - I'd take it.

My Advice For Those Struggling With Making The Big Move

Be real, be honest and be yourself - because its your career that comes first at the end of the day and that's what truly matters. Keep your happiness in mind and be true to yourself since no one else is going to do it for you. Carefully think out how you are going to sit down with your boss, its best to go in with a clear and honest mind and they will understand. 

What are your tips for breaking up with your old job?