Happy Holidays readers! While I'm still recovering from stuffing myself with amazing turkey and dessert leftovers (yum chocolate cake), I have been trying to think about my Christmas list. Not the list of things I want for myself, but things I need to get for others. Between my coworkers, close friends, family and soldiers I've got a lot of shopping to do and not much time to get it done! 

Since 75% of my day is spent working and 20% is spent commuting, that means I really only get 5% of the day to do everything else, holiday shopping included. Needless to say, my life is very on-the-go and making the time to shop is difficult since the weekends are used to catch up on other errands like cleaning and making time with friends and family. The solution? Online Shopping. Yes, while most of us dread it, people like me praise it due to a few reasons from convenience to familiarity. 

With this being said, studies have shown a rise in ecommerce over the past few years for the following reasons:

Keep It Convenient

Newsflash: no one like standing in line for more than 10 minutes in most cases. Our generation has minimal patience and let's face it - when you're waiting on lines you're entertained online via mobile device. Many shoppers have gotten smarter and take their business to shopping online and skip the lines altogether! Whether you're always moving or just plain lazy, online shopping is just way more convenient and your free time would probably rather be spent binge-watching Netflix.

Social Media Directly Links You

Still not sure what to buy your boyfriend (like me)? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have brands plastered all over with sponsored posts that allows you to immediately access recommendations for gifts. I got the idea to buy my sister a Fitbit thanks to the Twitter ad that also conveniently mentioned that Fitbit.com had a $50 off sale online. Thanks for the help Twitter! Why spend hours flipping through catalogs in print when I can just scroll through Instagram real quick and see what they have to offer (along with a link and description)? - which brings me to my next point...

Cookies Know What You REALLY Want

Thanks to the magical invention of cookies, we receive recommendations for products we never knew we needed (aka wanted and realized we needed). Cookies is the nifty tool in your internet browser that notices what you look up and provides recommendations on what to buy depending on your searches. Simply put: I wasn't sure which blender to buy my mom, but the Ninja was on sale and had great attachments advertised on the side of my Gmail page, so Ninja it was!

The Price Is Right!...On The Website

For the frugal buyer (yeah that's me), the ability to compare price points is a crucial aspect of shopping. While some have the ability to wander around the mall from store to store all day, I do not which brings me to the online shopping community. I can have multiple tabs up on my screen to compare prices instead of aimlessly wandering around from shop to shop trying to find the right price. Websites like CamelCamelCamel actually keep an eye on items on Amazon for you to see when they drop and alert you when the price is good for you. What does that mean? No spammy emails for sales that get put into your trash - just the price you care about.

Choices, So Many Choices!

We all love having options - just not choosing only one. How many times have you been in a store and asked if a shirt comes in another color or size and the salesperson says, "Everything we have is on the floor, you can buy it online though." Frustrating, right? You now have to go home, and buy the item instead of just buying it in the store - meaning you wasted precious time and an unnecessary trip to the store (such a shame). Online the stores have everything - all the colors and variations of what you wanted and the best part is it'll say right away if they're out of stock so there's no unwanted surprises. Again, why waste time when you can just buy it online?

Do you think Ecommerce is better than an in-store experience? Share your opinion in the comments below!