Today I sat in on a presentation from a talent agency about digital influencers. Think about it: a room full of PR professionals trying to understand the value of digital influencers - seems kind of like a stretch doesn't it? Well to be perfectly honest, they felt that way too.

When the presenters were throwing out how much it costs for a sponsored blog post or a 4 hour Instagram Takeover, a few of those in the presentation just did not understand what all the fuss was about over someone who wrote a 4 paragraph blog and getting paid $5,000 for it. A lot of us just couldn't understand. 

A few years ago if you asked an influencer with thousands of followers to write a review in exchange for a product, it was free and clients know that. Now, I somehow have to explain to my client why it costs $25,000 for a YouTube video (4:00 min long), 5 social media posts and a sponsored blog post and believe me, it's a tough sell. 

As millennials, we live in an age where digital is everything. Consumers engage with brands in the digital space. The idea of a Press Release is almost obsolete. Everything we thought we knew about reaching our audiences has changed and this is the new era of getting the attention of each generation for your brand. So why are these digital influencers so popular? Let's break it down:

Digital Is Where Everyone Is Hanging Out

Each year, we spend a total of 23 Days just looking at a mobile phone. Crazy right? That's over 3 weeks of your life that you spent staring into a digital abyss. What were you even looking at? Chances are it was on social media since 28% of your time looking at your device is spent on Facebook, Twitter, Vine or Instagram. Digital influencers live within social media - without it, one could say they would be irrelevant. Internal linking at making sure your brand's visibility is spread throughout social media so crucial now more than ever.

Influencers Are Normal People Just Like You and I

The digital influencers on social media today aren't much different from anyone else and that has much to do why people like them. They're everyday people - just like us - that have talents they want to share with the world, so they use social media for some help. Showcasing a talent is easier now with the help of sites like YouTube and Vimeo where you can take a quick video and upload it in minutes. The people creating this content are normal people who just found out how to show the world their talents - impressive right? 

Sponsored Posts Pay

Bloggers charge fees for sponsored posts ranging from $75-$500 average which sounds like some serious bank right? If they're doing it independently, sure but if you're working with a massive digital influencer, keep in mind 10%-20% of that cost goes to the talent agency that works with them - plus these influencers are doing all the leg work. From scripting to producing, all you have to do is tell them what key points should be mentioned and they somehow find a way to make sure it's in there. But when these influencers have anywhere between 400,000-4 million UVPMs, sometimes the end result is worth the cost. When Too Faced teamed up with Vegas Nay for the Stardust Palette, it sold out online instantly and people FOUGHT in stores to have some - why? Because Vegas Nay has a strong following, she teamed up with a brand she believes in and created a tutorial that was able to convince readers they needed that palette to be gorgeous like her.

Do you feel digital influencers are worth the investment?