And when I say that, I mean literally social media influencers have taken new shape in the form of our furry canine friends. Of course it doesn't just stop there, our purring feline fur babies have also risen in the realm of social media. Why? Well because let's be real here: cute sells

Brands are taking to using more animals in their content and while it seems super cheesy, you know when you scroll by Lady Gaga's dog in a Coach purse you can't help but say, "Awwwww!" The way brands achieve true perfection with these posts is if their audience still manages to get the point of what the post actually was. Yes Fido is super-cute, but did you read the copy? Did the image make you feel something? Did you get the message? These are all things we should be thinking about when we incorporate animals into our posts. Here's a few examples of animal influencer marketing done right:

Grumpy Cat & Friskies

In 2013, Friskies launched a campaign to utilize their spokescat Grumpy Cat for a holiday music video to spread awareness to hungry kitties all over. Not only did they use Grumpy, but several other influencer cats. The lyrics talk about how it's hard to be a cat at Christmas because there's so much that cats cannot always enjoy, including wet food (which they hope Santa left them under the tree). They were smart about how they wove in their key message to help collect wet food for cats while also using a catchy song and the internet's favorite celebrity cats.


Toast & The Shelter Pet Project

If you are not a hermit hiding under a rock when it comes to having Instagram #FeedGoals, you probably know the adorable, floppy-tongued pup Toast (@toastmeetsworld). Toast was in fact adopted and now uses his story along with a new set of billboards to spread the "Adopt, Don't Shop" message with The Shelter Project. We all love Toast because he's so fabulous and lovable, but anchoring his story to a project that lines up perfectly is the simple beauty of this campaign - don't you agree? His billboard shows that shelter pups can also be fashion stars!

The simplistic ad above shows Toast and his fur mama Katie Sturino (potentially the most stylish dog mom ever) together as Katie discusses all the reasons why she loves Toast - SO cute right?! Other internet animal sensations from The Shelter Project include Hamilton the Cat and Keyboard Cat who also have their own ads. These adorable furry faces we know and love are plastered all over the internet to remind us that adoption is a wonderful option and shouldn't be overshadowed by designer pets. I personally think you should have whatever dog you want, but The Shelter Project's biggest initiative is to avoid mistreatment of animals and to help those who have been mistreated find homes - hence the large push to ADOPT! 

Do you think there's some benefits to using animals on social?