Lunch conversation in the office usually consists of who is binge-watching what new shows on Netflix and the recent office craze is none other than Orange Is the New Black. Between the comedy, drama, and interesting character development, we’ve had lots to talk about – but not too much since not everyone has finished Season 3 yet.

As the we continued to delve into each episode of the show, I naturally started to draw comparisons between the cast of OITNB and the members of my team. I began to wonder, what roles would each cast member hold if they worked in a digital marketing agency?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

Creative Content Strategist: “Crazy Eyes”

Famous for her creative writing assignment story turned jailhouse novella, Crazy Eyes definitely has the makings of a genius content writer with her wild imagination and fresh approach. However, she might need to work on finding a more appropriate approach when forming a brand voice on social media.


Director of Business Development: Piper Chapman

The first episode of the series introduces us to Piper Chapman, one of the main characters of OITNB. Before joining the ranks of Litchfield Penitentiary, Piper was an entrepreneur, networking her line of homemade artisan soaps into Barney’s. Piper brought her keen networking skills with her to prison and started her own underground operation with the help of family, friends, and even a guard – something I’m sure only a networking genius could pull off.


SEO Executive: Alex Vaus

Most viewers know Alex Vaus as the reason why Piper is in prison to begin with, but she has a keen sense for seeking out talent and resources thanks to her experience with illegal activities. She knows the exact qualifications necessary to get the job done; the way SEO specialists are the resident experts on Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Alex is an all-numbers type of gal and that’s the biggest factor of concern for an SEO mastermind.


Managing Director: Red

Known as the mom of Litchfield, Red is responsible not only for the kitchen, but her girls. Managing Directors are mature and direct when it comes to ensuring clients get what they need while valuing structure with a controlled amount of diversity. Red takes care of her girls and makes sure they don’t step out of line and suffer at the hands of the guards, keeping balance at Litchfield like a good Managing Director does at an agency.


Director Digital Marketing: Sofia

As the resident style expert at Litchfield, Sofia is responsible for making the women look and feel beautiful – similar to what Digital Marketing Directors do. The Director of Digital Marketing is responsible for aesthetic when it comes to positioning brand content and presenting it to the public. Their superior level of spotting the hottest trends and influencers and getting their client on board is a gift – similar to Sofia’s ability to talk Gloria into her stylin’ new do.


Senior Account Executives: Gloria, Taystee, and Norma

Senior Account Executives are responsible for overseeing their respective accounts and making sure all client work that is delegated to their teams is done correctly in a timely fashion – similar to what Gloria, Taystee, and Norma do for their respective cliques. These three keep their herds in line and out of harm’s way and are often the ones who negotiate what is expected from each group with the guards and other cliques in the prison.

Are you a fan of OITNB? Who else from the show would fit in well at a digital marketing agency?