There's just no hiding it - working in PR can be stressful. With emails flooding in before you ever get up for the 5:45 AM commute and clients that are constantly in crisis, it's truly a wonder how you make it through the day with all of your hair intact. 

None of us like to admit that we are stressed at the risk of seeming overwhelmed and overworked, but stress happens and you start to get more jittery. You check your phone's email constantly to make sure you haven't missed a super-urgent media opportunity for your client. You find yourself searching through HAROs and ProfNets when your client's hit count for the month is low praying one of them takes your query. You start to feel trapped and even worse, desperate. 

So how do you handle the stress? Holding the sixth most stressful job in America definitely has some challenges, but there are ways to survive. A few of my favorite methods are:

Walk It Off

I work in an office and sit for majority of my day so taking 5 minutes to get up and stretch my legs and take a lap is a great way to keep me from feeling restless. The idea of 'cabin fever' doesn't have to just be about being cooped up with a person, just being in one place too long can do trick too. During lunch, I'll take a few minutes to walk and get some fresh air also, the Vitamin C from the sun is great for your skin (added bonus!).

Healthy Binging

If you're going to binge snack in the office, do it right and eat something healthy! Avoid high-sugar and high-carb snacks and go with something healthier that's high in fiber or nutrients. I like to pack red pepper or carrots to snack on when I feel a craving and need a quick fix. I also drink plenty of water to flush out whatever bad toxins I do ingest since off treats are often unavoidable. Tip: a low-cost subscription to Graze is a great way to snack healthier.

Free Yourself From The Phone

While I'm sure you want to scroll through Instagram during lunch, the unfortunate truth is that an email will pop up and give you a panic attack thinking you need to answer it right away when it can really be something that can wait. My rule is that if it's something that can wait until tomorrow but you would rather take care of today, don't answer it right away, flag it and circle back when you're in from your break.

Avoid the 3:00 Caffeine Craving

Once 3 PM hits, it feels like game over for your brain. While a quick caffeine pick-me-up is ideal to make you feel less tired, it can be bad for you and eventually you'll build an immunity to the energized effect. Drinking water is really the best way to keep you going as opposed to drowning your senses in caffeine. 

I hope you found these tips helpful and feel like you can be a little less stressed out. What are some of your tips to stay stress-free?